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Real-time connected supply chain solutions

We'll help you to...

Anticipate, manage, collaborate and plan every aspect of your strategy, helping you deliver innovative product, real-time connected.

We are helping our customers attract more customers with flexible platforms that can adapt to changing consumer demands, whether that’s creating real stock visibility and accurate forecasting or moving to eCommerce platforms. What's more, you'll be able to predict your consumers’ needs, deliver personalised and relevant products and services, accelerate your sales and win new customers.

Don’t force your customers into horizontal processes. Instead, make your business work around them.

Our disruptive digital world is one where your customers choose their own rules of engagement. They expect interacting with your organisation to be simple, streamlined, and seamless – a moment in time that’s led by their actions, not the restrictions of your processes.

With Rocket, you’ll explore your customer journeys in all their diversity, asking how you can make it easier for people to do business with you and keep them coming back in a world that’s constantly pulling them away.

So you can truly become customer-centric and meet the complex demands of modern consumers.

Look at what we are providing for leading consumer products businesses...

New-build highly automated CPG distribution centre supporting the UK growth strategy. Including Swisslog ASRS, high bay cranes and monorails.
Dramatically reducing distribution costs, increased throughput by 50% and individual packer efficiency now 66% higher with improved quality.
Creating a standardised scalable global demand driven digital supply chain solution optimised for omni-channel retail fulfilment.
Engage Your Customers For
Higher sales
Higher sales

In a landscape where customers are empowered and given the service and flexibility they’ve come to expect.

Lower total customer lifecycle costs
Reliability and utilisation

Lower costs and better visibility over how your customers interact and engage with what you do.

Engaged customers
Reliability and utilisation

Redefined customer centricity that helps them achieve their goals and outcomes.

Optimised eCommerce pickings and returns
Demand Management and integrated Planning
Omnichannel Supply Chain
Connected Products
eCommerce Delivery / Click & Collect

Understanding your customers and building processes around them

At Rocket, we know the disrupted digital world can seem alien to some enterprises.

But when customers can choose a way of engaging and their attention is harder than ever to attract and hold, established horizontal processes just don’t work.

We’ll make sure that your traditional business processes are ready for the digital world, taking a customer-centric view that puts their needs first. We’ll look at how people want to interact and how your current models allow them to interact.

Then we’ll work towards bridging that gap, using decommoditisation strategies and technologies like SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) or leveraging the Internet of Things to create service or outcome-based business models.


Wholesale, retail and ecommerce consumer goods distribution
with SAP

The customer journey is a top priority for retailers as they continuously strive to review and improve the customer experience. Speed to market and anticipated demand are key factors which will allow you to obtain a more insightful understanding of customer needs.
Our team will help you bring new levels of integration, operation, automation and efficiency and service flexibility to your retail business. Drawing on our extensive wholesale, retail and ecommerce experience with numerous leading retailers, we’ll guide you through overcoming your challenges.

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Assist your global supplier network in reducing costs whilst improving compliance, product safety and corporate social responsibility.

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Creating real-time connected consumer-focused services with SAP

The ability to deliver personalised products and services could be the difference between making a sale or a customer switching to another consumer brand. Research shows that more and more consumers now use mobile devices and social media to make purchasing decisions.

We’ve implemented flexible SAP platforms to help numerous leading consumer organisations to meet today’s challenges. Trust our team to help you bring new opportunities for identifying and delivering new levels of product personalisation and efficiency, and service flexibility to your business.

Increase Customer Engagement & Reduce Costs

Increase interaction and service across your whole supply chain and reduce costs in ecommerce fulfilment and returns handling.

Retail Supply Chain Optimisation

We'll show you how to secure your position with one SAP platform to ensure your workflows are integrated, and that the technology between your customers, suppliers, workforce and business processes allow you to deliver meaningful customer experiences.


Building Platforms for Digital Retail eCommerce
Whether your focus is on connected products, product personalisation or the influence of social selling, we'll help you implement proven solutions and make significant cost savings.
The challenges
of being truly customer-centric
Misaligned processes
Misaligned processes

If your internal line-of-business processes weren’t built for the digital world, they don’t align with the way your customers want to do business.

We’ll create tighter customer engagement models by making sure your processes can deliver the service your customers need in the way they want to consume it.

Fragmented interaction
Fragmented interaction

When your customers interact with different departments or processes that aren’t connected together, the customer journey doesn’t flow. That means they’re more likely to take their business elsewhere.

We’ll help you to build a platform for omni-channel engagement across the entire sales, fulfilment, and service life cycle.

Misunderstood expectations
Reliability and utilisation

What does your customer journey really look like? What do your customers really want? The digital economy has transformed those expectations forever.

We’ll lead the exploration of your customers and how your processes can actually meet – and exceed – their expectations.

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Engaged customers

Engaged Customers

Create collaboration, supporting growth between customers, partners and suppliers. Ecommerce integration and personalisation.

Consumer products

Consumer Products

Anticipate, manage, collaborate and plan every aspect of your operational and commercial strategy, helping you deliver innovative services and products.

Transport and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Integrate your transport and logistics services with your customers and suppliers, simplifying and automating the execution process from tendering to charge management.


Healthcare and Logistics

Navigate Integrated Digital Health Solutions and create effective collaborative platforms across people, processes and technology.

Get a tailored roadmap for planning your entire logistics strategy

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