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SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

Supply and delivery visibility, security and assurance

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Drive performance and complete customer satisfaction with SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace (GTT)

We'll help you to...

Follow your products and assets through your supply chain using real-time visibility of inbound and outbound shipments

Let Rocket provide you with real-time batch and shipment traceability from production, through to manual handling and outbound. Providing you with speed, agility and accuracy across your connected distribution networks. 

If you want to seamlessly transfer information along your supply chain, both internally and with external logistics service providers across wholesale, retail, ecommerce and consumer deliveries please get in touch.

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The unique perspective we take across supply chain transformation will enable your project success, delivering 100% of your strategic requirements  





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Choose Rocket for SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace for:

Reduce supply chain costs

Our proven approach and strategy will help you decide on a traceability or serialisation approach that is best for your business, reducing supply chain costs by improving collaboration and asset visibility

Resolve issues before impact grows

By enabling your operational users to define and configure multiple business processes to be tracked with their related events and properties, we can help you to resolve issues before their impact grows across your enterprise

Rapid deployment

Get up and running quickly with SAP Business Network Global Trace and Trace by using Rocket Methodology and best practice process templates for an accelerated implementation

Process visibility

Helping you deliver a fast, accurate view of your supply chain track & trace data and use this to increase service levels, compliance, security and integrity


Protecting brand integrity

We can help provide product traceability to secure the distribution of serialised products, helping detect counterfeits and protect brand integrity

Customer satisfaction

Rocket will enable you to track and monitor process status and fulfilment, while driving events and exceptions to action in integrated systems


SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace services

Rocket's Platform Evaluation & Selection

Platform Evaluation & Selection

Rocket's Testing & Test Management

Testing & Test Management

Rocket's Project & Change Management

Project & Change Management

Rocket's Solution Implementation

Solution Implementation

Rocket's Data Management, Cleansing & Loading

Data Management, Cleansing & Loading

Rocket's End User Training

End User Training

Rocket's Requirements, Process Design & Blueprint

Requirements, Process Design & Blueprint

Rocket's Support


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We can help you gain a fast, accurate view of your supply chain track and trace data and use this to increase service levels, compliance and security.

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