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Creating High Performance Mobile Workforces

Optimising the SAP Mobile User Experience


Significantly improve the user experience up to 200% faster than with SAP alone

Rocket Mobile brings the best of technical simplicity, improved usability and extended capability to SAP run businesses

Compatible with SAP ECC, S/4HANA and SAP digital supply chain platforms (Such as SAP Extended Warehouse Management, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Production, Plant Maintenance and much more)​ and fully integrated into SAP without complex middleware, interfaces or external software platforms, helping you optimise material handling processes and create a highly effective mobile workforce, quickly and effectively.

Rocket Mobile brings the best of technical simplicity, improved usability and extended capability to SAP run businesses.


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Increase productivity across a full range of activities

Rocket Mobile dramatically improves the ease of use and the user experience of warehouse and other supply chain workers to increase productivity, quality, accountability and supports a full range of activities and exceptions in a typical warehouse, as well as broader operational activities.

  • Clean and intuitive screens
  • Enhanced presentation of information
  • Additional visual confirmations
  • Improved navigation
  • Access to supporting information like lists and images
Snap and Go 052022 5 resized

Snap and Go

Ability to take a photo and provide narrative on warehouse issues

Creates a self-sufficient workforce with swifter issue resolution

Logon Menu 052022 resized

Enhanced Presentation and Design

Improved option alignment, clutter free, providing fast and easy access

Reduce user adoption time and improve productivity

visual confirmations 052022 2 resized

Visual Confirmations

Provides visual confirmations on items scanned

Improves accuracy, provides confidence and reduces errors

Selection Lists 052022 3 resized

Selection Lists

Customisable drop-down lists for Handling Units

Reduction in manual entry and improve productivity

Product Image 052022 resized

Product Imaging

Product image is displayed on the device

Improves user engagement, accuracy and user confidence

Contextual Help 052022 6 resize-1

Contextual Help

Access to task specific procedures and best practice information

Improves training and creates a self-sufficient workforce

RocketMobile KPI  (4)-1

Performance KPI's

Easily monitor workforce productivity against KPIs

Quickly identify training needs and top performers

Branding and styling 052022 resized

Branding and Styling

Visually enhance by applying company specific branding and styling

Improve user engagement and adoption


Mobile SAP Ecommerce Order Fulfilment. Increasing picking productivity and reducing training times for new staff


Streamlining Warehouse Management and Distribution. Through-put by increased by 50%. Individual packer efficiency now 66% higher.

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SAP EWM UX and Mobile Technology. Better employee adoption, shorter training times, greater warehouse efficiencies and more engaging user interface.

Rocket:Mobile is packed with industry best practices to quickly address common challenges, such as:

Rocket Mobile SAP Life Sciences

Life Sciences Supply Chain

GxP validation and processes

GxP validation is proven to be simplified for SAP run Life Sciences businesses thanks to the SAP-embedded Rocket Mobile architecture.

Enforce Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) with mobile Inspection Checklists for  raw materials and finished products, removing paper and integrating results directly with quality systems. 

Good Distribution Process (GDP) rigor is driven throughout thanks to Rocket Mobile role-centric warehousing best practices. 

Health & Safety incident capture in real-time.

Rocket Mobile - Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare Logistics

User Experience, Support and Audit

Operational support with easily accessible process information and help documentation directly on the mobile device.

Digital audit trails are enabled with signature, image and document capture simply embedded into any process.

Offline working to support activities where Wi-Fi coverage is unavailable ensures seamless working in hospital environments.

User experience for low training and ease of use for non-logistics workforce is provided as standard.

Rocket Mobile - Retail


Customer Service and Inventory

Customer facing activities such as order collection, reordering or queries are simplified with signature and image capture, product scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), all in an intuitive branded user interface.

In-store inventory processes such as receiving, replenishment and picking are quickly streamlined, with ease of use and role support tailored for store operatives.

Device sharing between store operatives is simple and secure with Rocket Mobile user profiles, allowing fast user switching.

Rocket Mobile - Public Sector

Public Sector

Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion

UK equality act compliance by enabling the required reasonable adjustments to provide accessible mobile software ensuring disabled workers; including those with visual impairments, are not disadvantaged.

Accessibility regulations: Allows Public Sector bodies providing mobile applications to meet accessibility standards. 

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:  Easily implement the WCAG standards as adopted by the UK government and a best practice for any organisation to ensure mobile software UIs are accessible to people with disabilities including visual impairments.

Non-disruptive installation guaranteed to improve native SAP Mobility 

Fast and simple deployment

With an initial implementation as fast as 2 weeks, Rocket Mobile is fully integrated within SAP and keeps your IT landscape simple, with no additional software components or complex interfaces.


Download the lite demo versions from iOS or Google Play

Download Rocket Mobile Lite for iOSDownload RocketMobile Lite for Android

Rocket:Mobile Pricing Options

UI Edition

The quickest way to improve the SAP mobile interface



/ Month

Start to see the difference:

  • Modernised responsive user interface
  • Smart Code-free UI enhancement
  • Engage workforce with company branding
  • User friendly feedback and error handling
  • Streamline issue resolution
  • Software Maintenance

UX Edition

Streamline user experience and increase productivity


/ Month
All the benefits of UI edition and: 
  • Support workforce diversity with personalised accessibility
  • Boost user self-sufficiency with embedded help
  • Optimised data entry with input lists and searches
  • User profile & printer selection
  • Fast integrated health & safety issue capture
  • Aid accuracy with product images


Save time with advanced operational capabilities


/ Month
All the benefits of UX edition and:
  • Easy image, document and signature capture
  • Quickly scan non-barcoded products with smart OCR
  • Create and store audit and compliance PDF documents
  • Drive accountability with KPI’s
  • Integrated forklift navigation
  • Standard support


Larger businesses needing specialised capabilities
Let's Talk
All the benefits of Advanced edition and:
  • Extend operating footprint with offline working
  • Interactive quality, inspection and process checklists
  • Complete planned or ad-hoc equipment & plant checks
  • Accelerate and enhance in-house developments
  • Fast user switching for shared use devices, SSO ready
  • Pro-support with high

See how we can optimise the SAP Mobile user experience for your organisation

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Technical advantages of Rocket Mobile

SAP ITS Mobile

Rocket Mobile

Fully integrated within SAP All process logic


All process logic & data in SAP


SAP upgrades compatible


Branding & styling


Responsive design


User profiles & performance KPIs


Enhanced image handling


Image capture


Possible entries


Printer selection


Contextual help


Technical advantages of Rocket:Mobile


100% Native SAP Technology, Simple, Elegant and Fully Supported


SAP Process Configuration Unchanged


Instant Improvements – No Coding or Configuration for Initial Benefits


Can Blend SAP and Non-SAP Apps and Data Into Single User Interface


100% SAP Compatibility with SAP EWM & WM RF Frameworks, SAP ECC & S/4HANA


Supports Your Existing ITS Mobile Transactions

Responsive Framework Supporting Multiple Device Types & Screen Formats


Zero Risk Non-Disruptive Deployment


Supports Modern Rugged Commercial Devices and Consumer Smart Devices


Enables Fast Code-Free User Interface Improvements & Changes


Develop Your Own Transactions With Native SAP ABAP, No Proprietary Development Skills Required


No Middleware, Interfaces, or External Platforms or Data


There are many tangible benefits to providing an optimised mobile experience to your workforce


Reduce adoption time & lower training costs


Present a modern, brand aligned experience to workforce & customers


Increase productivity & usability


Create a performance culture



Benefit from advanced mobile scenarios


Support wide range of practical operational activities


Improve user self-sufficiency & reduce support calls


Drive up quality & optimise operations

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Device validation

Ensure your selected mobile technology works effectively across your supply chain 

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SAP digital supply chain. Rocket:Mobile frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to our most pressing Rocket:Mobile questions with our comprehensive FAQ section 

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Is there anything specific to be loaded onto the client device?

Does Rocket:Mobile include mobile device management tools to support deployment and monitoring?

Does the solution offer any substantial performance gains over standard SAP ITS?

What tech skills are required for development with Rocket:Mobile?

What devices does Rocket:Mobile work on?

Does Rocket:Mobile work alongside Avalanche mobile device management software?

What are the migration steps from SAP ITS Mobile and customer transactions to Rocket:Mobile?

Is it built on Fiori?

Does Rocket:Mobile on SAP EWM require any modifications to the standard SAP?

What is the Wi-Fi data traffic like with Rocket:Mobile? Heavy, light?

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