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SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

SAP Supply Chain Management: Ready to make your warehouse work harder?

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Grand Vision

Transforming complex supply chain logistics with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

We'll help you to...

Meet your strategic business, operational, environmental and IT objectives

We can help your business choose and implement the right SAP warehouse management system (SAP WMS) in line with your own requirements, giving you the benefit of standardised and replicated business processes across your organisation that minimises implementation and upgrade costs.

Some customer outcomes we have helped achieve from our 50+ EWM projects

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Our SAP consulting, support services and integration solutions

The unique perspective we take across supply chain transformation will enable your project success, delivering 100% of your strategic requirements  





Explore our turnkey mobile solutions for

SAP S/4 and digital supply chain mobility


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Choose Rocket SAP EWM for:

Project success

Our "thinking differently" approach will transform your requirements completely to create productive, practical ways of working for real people 






Confidence in a proven approach

Our proven approach continues to deliver the components our clients require for success. We bring together system implementation, technology integration, operations know-how and people enablement

A turnkey solution

Warehouse and supply chain projects typically bring together multiple software & technology components and vendors in a single project timeline. That makes it challenging to manage effectively

With Rocket, get a turnkey provider of software and mobile technology and rest assured that our experience and leadership can help you coordinate multi-vendor projects into a single, robust solution


Decision making capability

For many of our customers, the first step has been about making the right platform choice – SAP Extended Warehouse Management or a third-party WMS. We have supported many organisations successfully through this journey

Broad operational expertise

Where warehouses and SAP Extended Warehouse Management is concerned, the interaction with the operational environment is a major factor, as is the broad capability of the EWM platform

Rocket addresses this with in-depth operational and logistical awareness combined with in-depth EWM knowledge and expertise in operational technology, such as mobility and automation systems


Speak to us if you.....

Are looking to create a business case supported by substantiated budget, timeline and resourcing plans?

Or if you are considering warehouse automation, mobile, voice or RFID's


Platform Evaluation & Selection


Testing & Test Management


Project & Change Management


Solution Implementation


Data Management, Cleansing & Loading


End User Training


Business Requirements, Process Design & Blueprint



Do you have any questions?

Are you looking for a specialised SAP EWM implementation partner?

Or looking to make significant improvement to the way you run SAP WM and SAP Business Suite Software (SAP ECC)?

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Explore our SAP EWM project success case studies



Digital Supply Chain Consulting. Generating a clear transformation road map from SAP ECC to SAP S/4 HANA plus SAP Digital Supply Chain.


Warehouse Mobility

Mobile SAP Ecommerce Order Fulfilment. Increasing picking productivity and reducing training times for new staff



Streamlining Warehouse Management and Distribution. Through-put by increased by 50%. Individual packer efficiency now 66% higher.



SAP Supply Chain Transformation. Significantly improved store order fulfilment efficiency. Increased pick rates.



Data Visualisation Optimises Warehouse Operations for SAP EWM. Faster, smarter pro-active operational decision making. Maximised distribution centre throughput.

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SAP EWM UX and Mobile Technology. Better employee adoption, shorter training times, greater warehouse efficiencies and more engaging user interface.

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SAP EWM implementation for new build automated CPG distribution centre. Increased throughput, increased storage capacity and rationalised operating costs.



Robots (AGVs) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Technological innovation that working together as an integrated whole; creating not just a super dairy but a vision of the dairy for the future.


Mobile ePOD

Rocket Logics mobile proof of delivery (ePOD) and mobile logistics management has been deployed; taking advantage of the standard, real-time integration into SAP ECC, directly into the delivery document and standard document flow for ease of use.

Access our selection of free pre-project tools and resources

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WMS comparison tool

Online tool: SAP WMS platform selector

See your best-fit SAP WMS in under 10 minutes. Gain valuable FREE access to your personalised report to support your SAP Warehouse Management selection process.

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SAP WMS project sizing & budgeting calculator

Instant access with visual report

Start building your SAP WMS business case today. Compare your needs to the most representative benchmarks across warehouse design, functional scope, and technical scope in under 10 minutes

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SAP Mobile: A strategy for high-performing digital supply chain and warehousing operations

On-demand webinar

This webinar will help you address your supply chain and warehouse mobility productivity limitations and help you create a competitive advantage

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The guide to replacing SAP warehouse management


Access our in-depth expert analysis and learn how SAP EWM can support your operational needs now and into the future, enabling your business to grow and react with confidence and agility.

SAP digital supply chain solutions and services frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to our most pressing SAP EWM questions with our comprehensive FAQ section 

What are the benefits of SAP Extended Warehouse Management?

How can SAP Extended Warehouse Management improve my warehouse productivity?

Can SAP Extended Warehouse Management help contribute to meeting your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals?

How can SAP Extended Warehouse Management make our supply chain more sustainable?

What is SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)?

Our approach creates tightly integrated business systems and technology

Project Success is

Rocket Science

Thinking and Delivering Differently

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