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Proactive Application Management Services for Modern SAP Digital Operations and Supply Chains 

Next-generation SAP system landscape management and application support with the Rocket personal touch to keep your business running at its best.

Rocket Run supports and maintains high-performing SAP system landscapes critical to the smooth operation of transaction-intensive digital supply chain businesses


Average fix on time SLA


Reduction in security upkeep costs


Lower system administration time & cost


Lower SAP Cloud infrastructure costs

Discover the savings you can make by automating your SAP landscape monitoring with Rocket Run

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Rocket Run SAP Application and Technical Support

Prompt expert support for your SAP applications and landscape, so you can relax in the knowledge that we will quickly take care of any unexpected issues and required changes or enhancements.


Specialised support for sophisticated SAP digital supply chain applications requiring deep functional and technical expertise.

Underpinned by our secure IT Service Management platform and intuitive helpdesk to ensure any service requests are easy to raise, routed to the correct experts quickly, and resolved within your service level agreement.

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Rocket Run Advanced SAP Landscape Monitoring

Transforms traditional break-fix reactive maintenance into proactive monitoring with real-time alerting, analytics, predictive insights, health checks, corrective actions, and root cause analysis.

Eliminate manual SAP Basis tasks, saving IT operating costs and freeing up the time of your in-house team by replacing essential routine daily, weekly, and monthly activities with Rocket Run advanced automated SAP monitoring.

Built on and around the SAP Focused Run service-provider operations management platform to deliver unprecedented levels of SAP-centric system landscape management and automation.

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Don't let the fast pace of SAP innovation leave your business at risk due to inadequate support

We help small, medium, and large SAP-run enterprises confidently implement, manage, and support the latest specialised SAP S/4HANA and SAP Digital Supply Chain applications on Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid landscapes.

Proactively maintain system responsiveness for demand peaks and performance-sensitive scenarios such as mobile workforce and warehouse automation.

Avoid runaway Cloud resource costs, such as S/4HANA memory, by providing consumption reporting, forecasts, and action plans.

Streamline your business cybersecurity with automated SAP security patch recommendations.

Extend the working life of your legacy SAP Business Suite (SAP ECC) landscapes.

Looking for a combined SAP Hosting, Licenses and AMS solution?

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Success Stories: keeping SAP supply chains running on time, every time

Some of our Rocket Run SAP application management services case studies

SAP HANA Private Cloud Application & Advanced Landscape Management

Providing Rocket Run Advanced Landscape Monitoring combined with Application Support for this SAP Azure HANA environment has achieved significantly lower operating effort, reduced Azure cloud costs, and decreased IT costs.

Wartlisa (New res)

Specialised SAP EWM Application, Mobile & Automation Support

Achieving ZERO unplanned business interruption, Rocket provides extended operating hours, SAP Extended Warehouse Management support, and continuous improvement services for this highly warehouse automation-enabled (Swisslog ASRS) warehouse.

LDH (La Doria) Logo

SAP Business Suite Managed Services & Support

Supporting and providing continuous improvement for the SAP ERP and Digital Supply Chain solutions that underpin parts of the GXO UK logistics services.

GXO Logo

Multi-site SAP ERP & Digital Supply Chain Managed Services

KN Drinks Logistics commissioned Rocket to establish a responsive support model to meet their supply chain intensive needs across their extensive UK warehouse and distribution network. This operated successfully for over a decade with an average repair time of less than 24hours!

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Already working with a support partner? 

We regularly supplement our clients existing BAU support or in-house teams when it comes to new innovations and specialised platforms such as Extended Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and other SAP DSC applications. 

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Rocket Run is packed with smart monitoring, process automation, and deep functional & technical expertise so you can focus on Business-As-Usual

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Simplify security patch management

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Detect and resolve real-time alerts as they occur

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Monitor applications and systems

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Quickly analyse recurring root causes

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Predict system anomalies with algorithms

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Monitor synthetic and real user activity

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Automate operations and daily status reports

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Tactical and operations control dashboard

Peace of mind across a full range of system management activities with automated daily checks and reports

Rocket Run advanced SAP landscape management automates and streamlines all the essential activities while you sit back and concentrate on business-as-usual. We keep you up-to-date with the pertinent information in daily and weekly reports and recommendations, or in the event something that requires more urgent attention a live alert

Automated Daily Reporting
System Health Monitoring and Alerting
Operations Automation
Tactical Dashboard
Configuration and Security Analysis
Automated Daily Report Example

Automated Daily Report

Pertinent SAP system landscape status updates direct to your inbox

Saves hours of manual review each day, quickly directing attention where required

Automated Health Monitoring Example

Automated Health Monitoring

Take proactive action for operations performance critical aspects such response time, functional URLs and associated SSL

Avoid business interruptions with critical alerts ahead of potential issues

Configuration & Security Analysis Example

Configuration & Security Analysis

Quickly guarantee critical configuration, notes, security patches or system parameters are up-to-date

Remove hours of manual checks and make staying up to date with security patched a reality!

Tactical Dashboard Example

Tactical Dashboard

Speed up all your system management decisions with information on latest kernals & patches

System information at your fingertips

Installation & Set-Up

We commission your Rocket Run account on our hosted platform, connecting securely to your SAP landscape, which means you incur no additional IT costs.


A site-to-site VPN connection with HTTP(S) protocol is used to guarantee secure communication between the Rocket Run platform and your SAP landscape.

Your business data never leaves your SAP landscape, and collected metrics are securely segregated from one customer to another.

IT Service Management Portal

Access to our easy-to-use IT service management support portal is provided 24/7: quickly raise any service requests, collaborate on issue resolution, and get up-to-date service request status at any time.     

Flexible Pricing Tiers

We understand that no two organisations are the same, so our flexible pricing matches the maturity of your solution, internal support team capability, and service level requirements.

Pay a fixed annual fee based on a pre-agreed scope of support, receive a monthly support status report, and keep your costs under control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question? We are here to help

What is Rocket Run?

Rocket Run is a complete SAP Operations Management and Application Support Managed Service, including Rocket
Advanced SAP System Monitoring built on and around the SAP Focused Run service-provider operations management platform, which focuses on the specific needs of high-volume, high-performance system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics common to supply chain-intensive industries.


Rocket Run Advanced SAP System Monitoring enhances the SAP Focused Run platform with pre-configured scenarios, integrations, content, and use cases to quickly deploy and provide advanced system management, user monitoring, integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics typical in SAP-run Retail & Trade, Wholesale, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, and Defence businesses.

Which use cases are provided by Rocket Run?

Scalable to manage customer landscapes from single systems to large and complex system landscapes.

Prepare for and support multi-location deployments with advanced user monitoring including monitoring synthetic users during roll-out preparation and real user requests including advanced end-user tracing.

Guard integration scenarios with Advanced Event & Alert Management to handle events and alerts including 3rd party inbound and outbound integration.

Configuration & Security Analytics to enforce company or specific configuration and security policies.

Manage complex and integrated landscapes with millions of interface calls and/or message flows with Advanced Integration Monitoring.

Manage advanced needs of digital supply chain systems such as scalability, performance, security, and automation.

What are the benefits of Rocket Run?

Optimised for managing high volume, high-performance systems such as digital supply chain systems like SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management, as well as SAP ECC and S/4.

Transform reactive maintenance to proactive monitoring with alerting, analytics, health checks, and corrective actions.

Speed up issue resolution with a holistic view of potential root cause.

Eliminate the time and cost of manual tasks carried out by your in-house SAP BASIS team by replacing them with advanced process automation.

What types of organisations does Rocket Run address?

Organisations with simple single SAP landscapes to large and complex system landscapes.

Organisations with advanced needs, such as scalability, performance, security, and automation, commonly found in supply chain-intensive industries like Retail & Trade, Wholesale, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, and Defence sectors.

Organisations running supply chain scenarios with high dependency on integration with internal, external, and third-party systems.

Organisations operating or implementing multiple operating sites, production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centres that will benefit from advanced use cases, such as advanced user monitoring and advanced integration monitoring.

Organisations with SAP-centric on-premise, Cloud, SaaS, and/or PaaS applications.

How do I deploy Rocket Run?

Rocket Run advanced system monitoring is provided hosted and as part of our managed services. There is no software to install other than a local agent within your landscape.

Pre-configured scenarios, integrations, content and use cases mean deployment for a typical low-complexity landscape takes only two weeks from initial VPN connection, with medium and large-complexity landscapes requiring more time depending on the number of systems and interfaces to be monitored.


A site-to-site VPN connection with HTTP(S) protocol is used to guarantee secure communication between the Rocket Run platform and customers’ SAP landscape.


Customer networks are used by Rocket Run to bundle and protect system definitions and securely separate collected metrics from one customer to another.

Does Rocket Run work for Cloud SAP landscapes?

Rocket Run benefits from SAP Focus Run's ability to manage SAP-centric on-premise, Cloud, SaaS and/or PaaS applications making it an ideal fit to operate today’s hybrid solution landscapes.

How secure is Rocket Run?

Customer networks are used by Rocket Run to bundle and protect system definitions and securely separate collected metrics from one customer to another.

Rocket Run only stores technical data for monitoring purposes according to the defined metrics, no business data is stored.

Connectivity to your SAP landscape is secure, using proven built-in security concepts with point-to-point VPN connection and HTTP(S) as communication protocols.

Does Rocket Run replace SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Focus Run (the basis if Rocket Run) is designed for advanced operations & monitoring use cases, and does not cover other functional features of Solution Manager, such as Test, Change Control, Solution Documentation or Charm.


SAP Solution Manager follows the maintenance strategy of the SAP Business Suite, meaning the general support ends in 2027.


Rocket Run is fully aligned to the SAP Solution Manager replacement strategy recommendations from SAP as follows: 1) the replacement for the Solution Manager functional capabilities is SAP Cloud ALM, 2) SAP recommends complementing it with SAP Focus Run (the technology behind Rocket Run service) for advanced operations use cases. 

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