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SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)

Drive up service levels and reduce costs

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Transform your transportation and logistics operations with SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)

We'll help you to...

Integrate and automate your transportation management

Rocket can help you streamline your transportation management and reduce total transport spend in several different ways. Helping you to deploy powerful and flexible planning strategies, reduce manual planning and your environmental impact.

Some customer outcomes we have helped achieve from our 20+ projects

Rocket's Reduce Card & Void Fill
Rocket's Vehicle Fill Rates
Rocket's Planning Time
Rocket's Transport Costs
Rocket's CO2 per Pallet
Rocket's Workforce Wellbeing

Our SAP consulting, support services and integration solutions

The unique perspective we take across supply chain transformation will enable project success, delivering 100% of your strategic requirements   





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SAP S/4 and digital supply chain mobility


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Choose Rocket Transportation Management for:

Fast return on investment

We will help you decrease administration costs, reduce manual planning and mileage, and achieve savings up to 50% in charge management administration and reducing invoice errors by an average of 13% with automated freight settlement

A tailored solution

When it comes to transportation management, one size doesn’t fit all. Rocket will bring you in-depth operational and logistical awareness combined with in-depth SAP TM knowledge and expertise in operational technology, such as mobility and automation systems

Seamless integration with partners

There’s little use in a transportation management solution that doesn’t connect and align seamlessly with the rest of your processes and service providers. We will help you achieve this

Reduced transportation spend

Utilising our highly integrated approach to implementation and transport networks & marketplaces, we’ll help you maximise the benefits of transportation management across your supply chain, with integrated solutions typically resulting in a transport spend reduction of more than 20%

A optimised approach

We’ll help you decide on an approach that makes sense for your business, your strategy, and your budget, from the modules you need to roll out the methodology

Support from a dedicated team

Our team have deep expertise across SAP TM, transportation, warehousing, supply chain and logistics.

They will provide you with clarity and confidence in your SAP TM project approach

Rocket's Platform Evaluation & Selection

Platform Evaluation & Selection

Rocket's Testing & Test Management

Testing & Test Management

Rocket's Project & Change Management

Project & Change Management

Rocket's Solution Implementation

Solution Implementation

Rocket's Data Management, Cleansing & Loading

Data Management, Cleansing & Loading

Rocket's End User Training

End User Training

Rocket's Requirements, Process Design & Blueprint

Requirements, Process Design & Blueprint

Rocket's Support


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If you need to integrate a transport management solution with your SAP ERP or want to integrate and collaborate with your outsourced logistics providers, please get in touch.

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Explore our SAP TM project success case studies

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Streamlining Warehouse Management and Distribution. Through-put by increased by 50%. Individual packer efficiency now 66% higher.

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Data Visualisation Optimises Warehouse Operations for SAP EWM. Faster, smarter pro-active operational decision making. Maximised distribution centre throughput.

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Providing a transportation management platform to reduce logistics cost of supplying products from over 350 technology brands to a customer base of 22,850 retailers and resellers and improve decision making capability.

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Mobile ePOD

Rocket Logics mobile proof of delivery (ePOD) and mobile logistics management has been deployed; taking advantage of the standard, real-time integration into SAP ECC, directly into the delivery document and standard document flow for ease of use.

Optimise Vehicle Load Planning 

SAP Transportation Management frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to our most pressing SAP TM questions with our comprehensive FAQ section 

What is SAP Transportation Management?

How do I choose the right SAP Transportation Management solution?

What contribution can SAP Transportation Management make to your Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) strategy?

What does the SAP Transport Management application include?

Our approach creates tightly integrated business systems and technology

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