Real-time Insight and Analytics
It’s not enough to record a lot of data about your business.
You need to consume it and act on it instantly.

As one of the first SAP special expertise partners to implement Extended Warehouse Management on HANA in 2014, we are able to bring to our customers a wealth of experience of implementing SAP EWM on HANA, as well as other relevant related HANA experience from SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Transport Management (TM) on HANA and SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) which is underpinned by HANA.

HANA introduces many new capabilities and benefits for business, but also requires a new set of skills from SAP partners; such as Smart Business & Fiori Application & HANA Live, HANA Technical & Development Skills (KPI Modelling & Scripting, HANA Live extension, Analysis Path Framework), HANA Database Skills (HANA Scripting & Queries SQL/ CDS, HANA XSJS Web Services, HANA Live).


With Rocket, you can be confident in our expertise and gain value from your data from day one. We’ll help change the way you think about traditional business reporting unlocking faster decision-making and better business performance.

Creating real-time businesses is ingrained in our culture of creating rapid access to data management tools and enhanced processes that are aligned to business strategy and linked to activities where people interact with systems in a variety of working environments. Helping our customers deliver high-quality service whilst continuing to reduce internal costs and cost to serve.

So your people have up-to-the-minute insights, where and when they need it.

With Real-time Insights on SAP S/4HANA you can
Understand your performance
Understand your

minute-to-minute with easy analytical views, so you can take action and make changes while outcomes can still be affected.


Connect, collaborate and manage risk
Connect, collaborate and manage risk

with suppliers, outsourced manufacturers and customers accelerating the movement of materials, harnessing decision support in real-time.


Mitigate issues faster
Mitigate issues

and resolve service failures in real-time using new interfaces, reducing data volume and providing greater flexibility.


Plan and Consolidate
Plan and
Enabling iterative period end closing with continuous posting into accounts, cash forecasting management, procurement optimisation and manufacturing without limits.
Optimise Sales and Operations
Balance supply and demand in a profitable way. IBP S&OP powered by HANA for real-time collaboration and planning.
Exploit Demand and Supply Planning Data
Accelerate your reporting for better decision making and deliver insights that were not possible before.

Innovation & Transformation with SAP S/4HANA

High-performance insight to action

SAP HANA is much more than an optimisation or speeding up of things that could be done already. In-memory is one of the exciting technical innovations of the decade that is starting to play a key role in innovation throughout the supply chain.