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SAP Global Trade Services

SAP Global Trade Services

Global trading compliance

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Comply with cross-border trade requirements efficiently, automatically reduce the cost and risk associated with international trade and ensure regulatory compliance.

Implement bonded warehouse processes, integrated into SAP ERP for customs and excise compliance and duty payments.
Automation of shipping, customs export and EU legislative compliance documentation and labelling.
Integration of SAP Warehouse and Logistics Execution processes into third-party duty management system (DMS).

What is SAP GTS used for?

The software can be used to run worldwide compliance from a single platform, while automating and streamlining trade processes, involving project & change management, business requirements, process engineering and design blueprint among other core functions.


SAP GTS Features
Solution Evaluation & Selection
Solution Evaluation & Selection
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Project & Change Management
Project & Change Management
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Testing & Test Management
End User Training

Integrated, automated compliance & efficiency
with SAP GTS

We help organisations comply with cross-border trade requirements efficiently and automatically.


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What is SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)?

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is software that caters for the support and definition of import and export trade processes in SAP ERP.

The software helps organisations to reduce the time and cost associated with ensuring global trade regulation compliance.

SAP GTS also provides supply chain visibility, specifically for goods in transit, helping resolve the issues that stop goods from clearing customs checks.

Trying to choose the right Global Trade Management solution?


With SAP Global Trade Services, you can accelerate your cross-border supply chain by automating and streamlining trade processes so you can control costs, reduce the risk of penalties and fines, and clear customs faster.

Centralise global trade management with a single repository for all compliance master data and content. Automate time-consuming, manual tasks for global trade management and compliance to boost productivity.

Choose Rocket as your SAP GTS Partner For:

A flexible, tailored solution

We’ll help you decide an approach that makes sense for your business, your strategy and your budget.

Take advantage of flexible deployment options that enable you to install and run SAP Global Trade Services in the cloud, using a traditional database based on SAP HANA, or even alongside SAP S/4HANA.

Effective integration

Our highly integrated approach creates the connection with core logistics processes, helping to ensure compliant and efficient export management.

We support product classification, sanctioned party list screening, export license management and determination, embargo screening, and connection to multiple government customs systems via a certified interface.


Compliance transparency

Compliance isn’t just about ticking boxes, we believe it’s about having a business that runs transparently, effectively, and securely.

Our practical attention to business context means we’ll always consider the wider implications of your Global Trade Solution – not just on the way you work, but on how you meet your compliance obligations.

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We can help you to efficiently comply with cross-border trade requirements

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