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SAP Track and Trace

SAP Track and Trace

Visibility, certainty, security

We'll help you to...

Follow your products and assets through your supply chain.

Real-time batch traceability for fresh milk from automated guided vehicles collecting from production, through to manual handling to the store underpinned with mobile scanning, RFID and voice technologies to ensure speed and accuracy.
Meeting the MHRA Medical Device Directives for traceability as an integral part of their healthcare supply chain.
Real-time connected collaboration across European distribution network to seamlessly transfer information along the supply chain, both internally and with external logistics service providers to provide carton-level parcel tracking of wholesale, retail and consumer deliveries.
Providing real-time vehicle location and progress tracking, as well as supply chain integrity sensing such as temperature, door opening, geo-fence management and carton tampering. Delivering fully integrated track & trace data including signatures, photos and location stamps to protect service and fight fraud.

With SAP Track and Trace you can...

Benefit from real-time process visibility

Track and monitor process status and fulfilment, while driving events and exceptions to action in integrated systems.

Simplify collaboration networks
Simplify collaboration networks

Optimise network consolidation and enable business users to replicate master data from multiple business partners whilst providing access to real-time insights to all relevant stakeholders according to need.

Perform business process modelling
Reliability and utilisation

Enabling users to define and configure multiple business processes to be tracked with their related events and properties, helping you to resolve issues before their impact grows across your enterprise.


SAP Track & Trace Services
Solution Evaluation & Selection
Solution Evaluation & Selection
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Project & Change Management
Project & Change Management
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Testing & Test Management
Testing & Test Management
End User Training
End User Training

Detecting counterfeits & protecting brand integrity
with SAP Track & Trace

SAP provides a variety of software to tackle different aspects of the traceability challenge.

At Rocket we know which of these tools to apply and when, how to integrate track & trace technologies such as mobile devices and sensors, how to integrate collaboration networks such as your logistics services providers to avoid traceability blind spots.

We help businesses improve asset visibility across supply chains, enabling them to track inventory, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service levels. Item serialisation and product traceability provides the secure distribution of serialised products and helps detect counterfeits, protecting brand integrity.

Transform your warehouse
with SAP

We can help you deliver a fast accurate view of your supply chain track & trace data and use this to increase service levels, compliance, security and integrity.

SAP Strategy

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Supply chain integrity

Are you concerned about supply chain integrity, fraud and counterfeiting?


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Secure distribution of serialised products

Do you need manage the secure distribution of serialised products?


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Trying to choose the right Track and Trace, item serialisation and counterfeit protection solution?


Across supply chains, SAP Track and Trace helps businesses improve asset visibility, enhancing the ability to track inventory, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service levels with complete transparency. Real-time transference for goods, item serialisation, and product traceability help detect counterfeits, protecting brand integrity and provides the secure distribution of serialised products throughout globalised supply chains.

SAP Track and Trace offers the visibility of your goods in transit and provides a wealth of integrated capabilities for transparency and accountability across supply chains. Manage your procure-to-pay and order cash cycles by expectation. With SAP Global Track and Trace you can get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products to reduce supply chain risks and optimise costs.


What is SAP Track & Trace?


SAP Global Track and Trace (GTT) provides complete supply chain traceability with end-to-end process visibility and status monitoring, SAP Track and Trace is enhanced by multi-tier logistics network capabilities.

SAP Global Track and Trace (GTT) a cloud application, is the ideal solution for multi-tier logistics and execution processes, as well as serialised object tracking, monitoring and process visibility. Track and Trace helps to reduce risks from within the supply chain through the delivery of invaluable real-time insights into material and product availability.



Choose Rocket as your SAP Track and Trace Partner For:

Proven Approach and Strategy

We’ll help you decide a traceability or serialisation approach that is best for your business, reducing supply chain costs by improving collaboration and asset visibility.

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running quickly with SAP Trace and Trace by using Rocket Methodology and best practice process templates for an accelerated implementation.

Effective Integration

Gain end-to-end visibility of your supply chain creating better decision support, asset visibility and access to apply fast corrective action.

Turn-key Solutions

Supply Chain Track & Trace projects typically bring together multiple software & technology components and vendors in a single project timeline. That makes it challenging to manage effectively.

With Rocket, get a turn-key provider of software and mobile, and sensor (IoT) technology and rest assured that our experience and leadership can help you coordinate multi-vendor projects into a single robust solution.

Best Practices, Emerging
Practices & Innovation

Our continued investment in our people and R&D means we can help you innovate where it counts, and never reinvent the wheel. Deploying existing and emerging technologies to provide new levels of traceability data such as vehicle opening monitoring and automated geofence alerting.

Robust Practical Outcomes

We create robust, practical outcomes that help you deliver your Track & Trace requirements to run better by using up-to-date traceability data to save time and cost, improve customer service and avoid potential compliance breach penalties.

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Consumer Products

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Integrate your transport and logistics services with your customers and suppliers, simplifying and automating the execution process from tendering to charge management.



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