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SAP Transport Management

SAP Transport Management

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What contribution can SAP TM make to your environmental strategy?

You have plenty of tools at your disposal to get underway either with your existing SAP ERP Business Suite (SAP ECC) or when moving to S/4HANA or adding SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions such as SAP Transportation Management.
If you would like to start to understand what the challenges are around supply chain sustainability when running an SAP landscape and SAP TM and want to discuss how to achieve better planet, people and performance outcomes, we will be happy to spend time helping you evaluate your landscape to guide you to understand how to find lasting quick wins in supply chain led initiatives. 
COMPLETE Narrow Half Size Webpage CTA(450 × 150 px) (4)There is a significant opportunity for CO2 and cost reduction using SAP TM:
    • Manual, map-based and automated planning
    • Initial, iterative planning 
    • Planning rulesets including penalties for non-conformance
    • Scheduling constraints – preparation, loading, unloading time, coupling/uncoupling
    • Legislation compliance respecting calendar & break periods


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SAP Transport Management Services
Solution Evaluation and Selection
Solution Evaluation and Selection
Business Requirements Definition and Blueprint
Business Requirements, Process Engineering and Design Blueprint
Proof of Concepts Using Real Business Data
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation and Project Management
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Data Management, Cleansing and Loading
Testing & Test Management
Testing and Test Management
End User Training
End User Training

More efficient transportation management
with SAP

We help businesses streamline their transportation management and reduce total transport spend in several different ways.

SAP Strategy

Do you have an SAP strategy? Are you looking for a transportation management solution?

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Transport management integration

Do you need to integrate a transport management solution with your SAP ERP?

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Outsourced logistics service providers

Do you need to manage, integrate and collaborate with your outsourced logistics service providers?

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Trying to choose the right SAP transportation management solution?

SAP provides two transportation management solutions, each with a very different purpose in mind.

SAP Logistics Execution Transportation offers a more affordable ERP-based system that’s fully integrated into your sales and procurement processes, while SAP Transportation Management (TM) includes everything from load building and transport optimisation to tendering, contract and charge management, and powerful embedded analytics. SAP TM performs equally well as a standalone best-of-breed platform or as an integral part of the SAP Supply Chain Execution landscape. With long-standing expertise, tools and resources, our Rocketeers are ready and waiting to help you choose the right transportation management solution.


What is SAP Transport Management?


SAP Transport Management (SAP TM) is an established and proven freight logistics management environment which leverages data from existing SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) solutions or legacy solutions and integrates fully into the SAP traditional enterprise solutions (SAP ECC/S4) HANA platforms.

This enables manufacturer shippers, freight forwarders and 3PL providers to consolidate, plan and cost freight requirements across multiple industries with multiple modes of transport to maximise ROI on transportation spend and human resources deployment.

This unique and integrated transport management solution enhances freight, fleet and logistics management, offering real-time visibility of global and domestic freight operations.




The SAP Transport Management application includes:
On-premise and cloud deployment
Fully integrated or side by side (separate instance) communication
Manual or optimised capacity, loading and route planning solutions
Internal fleet and driver management
Intelligent carrier selection based on current or historical data
Interactive freight tendering
Dangerous goods management, customs compliance and declarations
Collaboration portal enabling communication between vendors, manufactures, carriers, freight forwarders and customers
An extensive and highly customisable freight calculation engine for both freight supplier charges and customer freight charges
A fully integrated solution for freight calculation and invoicing/billing with a traditional SAP ECC/S4 enterprise solution
Real time GPS tracking and full event management integration
Connection to independent Mobile Application Solutions
Integration with Warehouse Management Solutions for picking and load planning
Ability to encompass IoT vehicle sensor hardware and applications to enhance vehicle compliance and security
Real-time dashboard analytics and statistical analytics reporting
An easily customised user interface by user or department to ease operator adoption

Choose Rocket Transportation Management For:

A Tailored Solution

When it comes to transportation management, one size doesn’t fit all.

We’ll help you decide on an approach that makes sense for your business, your strategy, and your budget, from the modules you need to roll out the methodology.

Fast Return on Investment

We will help you decrease administration costs, saving up to 50% in charge management administration and reducing invoice errors by an average of 13% with automated freight settlement.

Our experience in implementing automated optimisation can reduce planning overheads by as much as 60%.

Effective Integration

There’s little use in a transportation management solution that doesn’t connect and align seamlessly with the rest of your processes and service providers.

Utilising our highly integrated approach to implementation and transport networks/marketplaces, we’ll help you maximise the benefits of transportation management across your supply chain, with integrated solutions typically resulting in a transport spend reduction of more than 20%.


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