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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Making your warehouse work smarter

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) Overview

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is used to efficiently manage and control high-volume warehouse operations and integrate complex supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes, delivering the ultimate in supply chain visibility and control.  SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is able to provide flexible warehouse processes (that can also be automated), driving efficient material flow through your warehouse, ensuring the right task is presented to the right resource at the right time. 

What contribution can SAP EWM make to your environmental strategy?

You have plenty of tools at your disposal to get underway either with your existing SAP ERP Business Suite (SAP ECC) or when moving to S/4HANA or adding SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions such as SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

If you would like to start to understand what the challenges are around supply chain sustainability when running an SAP landscape and SAP EWM, and want to discuss how to achieve better planet, people and performance outcomes, we will be happy to spend time helping you evaluate your landscape to guide you to understand how to find lasting quick wins in supply chain led initiatives. 

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Using SAP EWM, you can typically achieve 20-30% efficiency and accuracy gains through:

  • Process mobilisation (barcode/voice/RFID)
  • System allocation of work
  • Process automation
  • Imagining and document scanning


Watch the webinar replay -10 environmental gains to be achieved with SAP EWM

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Minimising EWM implementation and upgrade costs
with SAP EWM

Rocket is renowned foReplacing SAP WMr leading and managing complex, often multi-vendor SAP EWM implementations, making this possible through senior project management and a project methodology tailored to create alignment across all the components required to deliver a successful project; System, Technology, Operation, and People.

Our methodology helps our clients follow classic waterfall implementations, accelerated rapid deployments (where appropriate) and hybrid timelines benefiting from our combined waterfall and agile methodology.

For many of our customers, the first step has been about making the right platform choice – SAP Extended Warehouse Management or a third-party WMS. We have helped many organisations through this journey.

We've helped many businesses choose and implement the right warehouse management software in line with their own requirements, giving our customers the benefit of standardised and replicated business processes across their organisation that minimises implementation and upgrade costs.

Transform your warehouse
with SAP EWM

We help minimise total cost of ownership and providing shortest time to value for our clients.
SAP EWM strategy

Do you have an SAP strategy? Are you looking for a specialised SAP EWM implementation partner?

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SAP integration with non-SAP WM

Are you running SAP and want to integrate non-SAP warehouse management or third-party logistics?

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Warehouse automation, mobile, voice and RFID

Considering warehouse automation, mobile, voice or RFID? Talk to the experts.

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Trying to choose the right WMS for your business?


Our Rocket EWM Evaluation tools and resources can help you find the right solution. We provide a quick and easy way to understand your needs and your options.

Our best practice evaluation process has helped hundreds of businesses evaluate SAP EWM software, concisely producing well informed business cases with high success rates.

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What is SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)?

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a comprehensive warehouse solution using shared resources across your supply chain landscape.

  • By supporting complex picking and put-away strategies, value-added services, kitting and automation integration (to name but a few), it can help your business meet the ever growing demands of your customers to enable you to stay competitive in today’s markets.

  • It is part of the supply chain solution from SAP it fully integrates with the other world class solutions from SAP such as Transportation Management, Production Planning and Execution, Global Track and Trace and Quality Management.

  • SAP EWM really is the platform that can support your operational needs now and into the future, enabling your business to grow, expand and react to whatever future demands your particular market may need to meet.

Choose Rocket Warehouse Management For:

Proven Approach

Our proven approach continues to deliver the components our clients require for success. We bring together system implementation, technology integration, operations know-how and people enablement.

All with a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver projects on budget, with minimum customer impact through tightly aligned operational & information technology.


Turn-key Solutions

Warehouse and supply chain projects typically bring together multiple software & technology components and vendors in a single project timeline. That makes it challenging to manage effectively.

With Rocket, get a turn-key provider of software and mobile technology and rest assured that our experience and leadership can help you coordinate multi-vendor projects into a single, robust solution.

Broad Operational Expertise

Where warehouses and SAP Extended Warehouse Management is concerned, the interaction with the operational environment is a major factor, as is the broad capability of the EWM platform.

Rocket addresses this with in-depth operational and logistical awareness combined with in-depth EWM knowledge and expertise in operational technology, such as mobility and automation systems.

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