A fast-moving world calls for a fast-moving workforce.
But not everyone works the same way – or in the same place.

Your workforce is probably highly distributed. With people working throughout the organisation and across the supply chain both on premise such as warehouse operatives, on the road and from their homes.  From scanning and picking in the warehouse to customer sign-off of a delivery during the ‘final mile’, there is no doubt that mobile devices have transformed the way we operate. 

With Rocket, we will help you deploy the right technology, software, and User Interface (UI) for every interaction, in every location for the specific needs of each type of user.

Because when people are more productive, your enterprise reaches new success.


Deploying mobile technology has delivered numerous proven cost, quality and efficiency benefits for our customers, such as significant reduction in the administration of paper-based activities, improved workforce productivity and maximised data capture accuracy through real-time verification such as scanning of products, totes/cases, pallets and locations.  

We’ll help you connect your business processes to roles, environments, and tasks – giving people smarter, more efficient ways to work.  Furthermore, mobile technology allows us to redesign processes entirely for greater efficiency.  


Using SAP Fiori and the Rocket Fiori notifier to optimise the procurement request and approval process for a mobile workforce at one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies.
Creating real-time parcel network integration for SAP customers, providing up-to-date tariffs, routing & labelling data and track and trace information, and transforming mobile device deployment from days to minutes.
Provide optimised ecommerce picking using wearable mobile scanning technology fully integrated to SAP EWM.
Voice picking providing high-efficiency case pick and pack for multiple concurrent order pick carts.



A Productive Workforce is
Constantly Connected
Constantly Connected

To your business processes, whether that's real-time data or an accessible, easy to use UI that's available on the move.


Able to Act Instantly
Able to Act Instantly

Without the obstacle of technology that's only available in a specific location, suited to a specific environment, or made for a specific task.


Efficient and Agile
Efficient and Agile

With the support to handle increased capacity and, in turn, a greater variety of work.