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SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool (1)
SAP WMS Online Comparison Tool
SAP WMS Online Comparison Tool
Increase project success rates and transform your decision making. Gain valuable FREE access to fast, personalised visual insights and reporting to support your SAP Warehouse Management selection process.
SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool (8)
SAP WMS Pricing Calculator
SAP Project Sizing & Budgeting Tool
Start building your SAP WMS business case today. Compare your needs to the most representative benchmarks across warehouse design, functional scope, and technical scope in under 10 minutes.

Free to download Guides & eBooks

SAP Supply Chain Sustainability
UKISUG SAP Supply Chain Sustainability - View the Replay
Understand how to get started with practical, tangible supply chain led improvements using SAP and the Rocket making sustainability REAL approach.
Rocket Mobile CTA
SAP Mobile: A Strategy for High-Performing Digital Supply Chain and Warehousing Operations
This webinar will help you address your supply chain and warehouse mobility productivity limitations and help you create a competitive advantage. 
High Performance SAP Landscapes
Achieve High-Performance SAP Landscapes for Supply Chain and Operationally Intensive Businesses
For higher demanding business scenarios such as supply chain intensive operations, the role and scope of the traditional architecture and approach to landscape design have been surpassed.
SAP Mobile: Rocket Warehouse Mobility Performance Evaluation
Mobility Performance Evaluation
SAP Mobile: Rocket Warehouse Mobility Performance Evaluation
This helps you understand your current mobile user experience. Your score will provide crucial insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your existing operation.
SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool (4)
The Rocket Guide to Replacing SAP Warehouse Management
Access our in-depth expert analysis and learn how SAP EWM can support your operational needs now and into the future, enabling your business to grow and react with confidence and agility.
SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool (3)
Solve Your Warehousing and Logistics Challenges with SAP EWM
Read and access our report, helping industries with complex supply chains understand how SAP EWM facilitates efficient and flexible resource management in a challenging environment.
SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool (6)
Uncovering Risks to Profitability from Within your Supply Chain
Risks across global supply chains are making it harder for CFOs to maintain profitability and manage risk, download this in-depth free report today to learn more about protecting your business.
The Rocket Guide to Mobilising Your Workforce with SAP
Access our free guide and learn how to deliver an improved mobile UX to your workforce with higher adoption rates, without compromising your underlying SAP application processes, data and logic.
SAP Warehouse Management (WMS) Comparison Tool
SAP Extended Warehouse Management Implementation Webinar
Discover the tips, tools & key success factors behind Hallmark Cards UK's SAP EWM implementation.

Industry coverage on our projects

News story
Tech powers dairy of the future
A news story on HSS about our work as strategic SAP partner for Arla's implementation of SAP EWM.
News Story
Arla Foods reduces transportation costs with SAP EWM
An article on about how we helped Arla make their warehouse more efficient.
Arla uses Wi-Fi controlled robots to transport milk
A video from the BBC about how Arla is using robots to do some of the more strenuous jobs, alongside people.
Greg-wallace (1)
Inside the Factory: Gregg Wallace meets the milk robots
A BBC video where Gregg Wallace encounters the robots who move almost 2 million litres of milk in a day.
Rocket wins SAP Gold award for Innovation
Rocket Consulting won the top award in the Innovation category of the 2015 SAP Quality Awards.
News Story
Arla Foods upgrades warehouse systems
An article on about our work upgrading Arla's warehouse systems.
Logistics Manager
Logistics Manager Magazine
Specialist warehouse automation solutions, Logistics Manager Magazine
Warehouse automation has been key in making operations more efficient and reducing lead times in a variety of supply chain-intensive industries for many of our customers.