Supply Chain and Operational Excellence through the power of SAP

About Rocket

Our purpose is to impactfully advance the supply chain and operations management practices of leading SAP-run businesses.

By offer an inspiring place for our people to work and grow, and provide our clients with an engaging, professional service experience.

Rocket has been working in partnership with leading businesses, creating high-performance supply chains and effective digital operations since 2004. 

You will find a highly engaged and supportive team of experts, fuelled by a passion to innovate and deliver heightened functionality, migration roadmaps and optimised processes for our clients; a team that's not only navigated a wide variety of complex supply chain challenges but who are highly skilled in delivering robust thought-leadership to our customers.

Our unique approach creates one team, enables complete transparency, and delivers the right expertise at the right time whilst holding everyone accountable for their contribution.


As you’d expect, we come prepared with in-depth product knowledge, best practice methodology, and a keen eye for new opportunities. We know the digital world, we understand new models across your supply chain, workforce, and customer engagement. But that’s not enough...

Building on our mission, we recognise the importance of incorporating sustainability into our customers' supply chains, providing the capability and insight to rapidly adapt to environmental and economic change.

Rocket Values
Behaviours which underpin the way we operate and build for the future
See the Big Picture
Strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, founded on an end-to-end view of the supply chain.
Passion to Explore & Discover
Stepping outside the comfort zone with a strong desire for continuous skills development.
Apply a Real-World Perspective
Crafting complex software and technology into practical tools for real people.
Collaborative Sustainable Relationships
Working together in a respectful, harmonious way, always delivering on promises and being mindful of our effect on People, Performance and Planet.
Empowered to Question
'Is there a better way?' Proactive consulting to create better business outcomes and pioneering ways of working.


Corporate and social responsibility (CSR)

At Rocket, we have taken steps that help minimise our impact on the planet. We constantly look to change how successful benefits, outcomes, and return on investment are measured to provide a catalyst to build momentum for the sustainability agenda in SAP-run supply chain intensive businesses.

We are dedicated to making a positive contribution to our communities, being a good employer, championing diversity and minimising our environmental impact. By proactively seeking ways to optimise our efficiency and resource utilisation, we continue to enhance our environmental performance.

Leading Your Projects With Our Values

We talk about PeoplePerformance and Planet. Our philosophy is about making supply chain sustainability lasting for our workforce and the businesses we support. This approach applies to us as a business internally and how we help identify Net Zero opportunities for our customers.

Provide our people with the best place to work, improve, and flourish with confidence; we can grow together.




Through our actions, we aim to leave the planet in a better way than we find it. 




Grow and improve our performance without sacrificing our culture and values or the world around us. 



Leadership Team
Led by an experienced management team from the UK Headquarters, Rocket is home to a group of highly skilled experts that bring together all the essential qualities necessary to deliver successful SAP supply chain and operations transformation projects on time and on budget.
Lewis Marston Rocket SAP
Founder and CEO
Lewis brings 20 years of experience delivering transformation to supply chain and business operations, helping organisations implement pioneering digital strategies.
Nicks Garnett Rocket SAP
With over 25 years in the industry, Nick's project expertise ensures a streamlined and enjoyable journey for all Rocket's customers.
Paul Clarkson Rocket SAP
Head of Sales
Paul has over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, and sales leadership within global enterprise software and solution businesses.
Emma Dart Rocket SAP
Chief of Staff
Emma brings 20 years of experience supporting the board with day-to-day company operations management, HR and as a vital liaison in taking care of the Rocket team.
Donna Unitt Rocket SAP
Head of Delivery
Donna's expertise spans over 25 years in IT programme and project management in supply chain, she is passionate about change management and is a certified practitioner.
Glenn Walsh Head Shot
Head of Technology
Glenn shares in excess of 25 years of SAP experience, supporting multiple SAP EWM & TM projects and is an S/4 HANA & SAP Business Technology Platform expert.

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What really defines us is our spirit. Our oxygen is a mix of creativity, vision, and innovation. That’s the fuel that has driven our success – and it’s what we bring to our close relationships with our clients.