Supply Chain and Operational Excellence through the power of SAP
SAP Healthcare and Logistics

SAP Healthcare and Logistics

Digital compliance and collaboration

We'll help you to...

Improve patient safety and collaboration, and comply with drug serialisation and reporting requirements.

Ensure global compliance, fight counterfeiting and comply with drug serialisation and reporting requirements.
Business process engineering combined with software and technology evaluation to meet FDA Unique Device Identification regulations, impacting serialisation and traceability across their supply chain.
Integrating near field communication (NFC) technology, designed to improve patient medical therapy adherence, into an enterprise grade IoT, mobile app and analytics platform.
Optimising the UK distribution hub using SAP supply chain software to supply products to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, retailers and other healthcare institutions.





Solution Evaluation & Selection
Solution Evaluation & Selection
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Business Requirements, Process Engineering & Design Blueprint
Project & Change Management
Project & Change Management
Solution Implementation
Solution Implementation
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Data Management, Cleansing & Loading
Testing & Test Management
Testing & Test Management
End User Training
End User Training

What is SAP Healthcare?


SAP Healthcare provides access to all healthcare and clinical care providers from a single integrated system, enabling health and medical organisations to more easily manage patients and costs, while improving the delivery of value-based services.

With SAP Healthcare, organisations can promote patient engagement, optimise clinical outcomes and ensure value-based care delivery through innovative patient focused solutions.



Healthcare excellence and transformation
with SAP

We help healthcare organisations address the demand for enhanced levels of service provision, heightened compliance, product traceability and value add services through the integration and design of cost effective digital solutions.   

IoT Healthcare solutions

Need help and support to navigate and integrate specialist IOT healthcare solutions into your business to drive value-added services? 


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SAP can help you operate efficiently

Need to understand how SAP Healthcare can help you operate efficiently and comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive and serialisation traceability requirements?

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Embrace module apps, medical device integration

Need to digitally embrace module apps, medical device integration, wearables, sensors, patient monitoring technology and real-time, connected data creation? 

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Choose Rocket to be your
Digital Innovation Partner For:

Patient Engagement
and Care Partnership Solutions

Use the latest mobile technology to empower your patients now as they become experts on their own healthcare.

We’ll help you improve patient engagement, creating competitive business models, better health outcomes, and significant cost savings.

Supply Chain

Our proven solution is already being used by more than ten leading firms to reduce TCO and compliance costs, while enable batch-specific serial number reporting.


Create value-added services and competitive differentiation with cutting-edge managed service provision and device monitoring.

We’ll show you how your resources, managed services and contractual commitments can be monitored and optimised to minimise overheads while meeting demand.




Retail, wholesale and ecommerce

Engaged Customers

Create collaboration, supporting growth between customers, partners and suppliers. Ecommerce integration and personalisation.


Consumer products

Consumer Products

Anticipate, manage, collaborate and plan every aspect of your operational and commercial strategy, helping you deliver innovative services and products.

Transportation and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Integrate your transport and logistics services with your customers and suppliers, simplifying and automating the execution process from tendering to charge management.



Healthcare and Logistics

Navigate Integrated Digital Health Solutions and create effective collaborative platforms across people, processes and technology.

Get a tailored roadmap to improve patient safety & collaboration

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Creating robust investment and IT/transformation strategies and business cases to deliver maximum ROI with lowest risk.
Reducing costs throughout the supply chain from warehousing, transportation and planning.
Support and consulting to help you derive maximum value from a move to S/4HANA.