Transform your entire Supply Chain with Rocket, SAP and Arla event in April 2017
Posted on 3rd April 2017
by Lewis Marston

Optimise and enhance the customer experience with ecommerce integration and personalisation. Digital Technology that...

Rocket helps Arla Foods UK to reduce delivery timeframe for new warehouse management systems
Posted on 31st January 2017
by Paul Smitherman

Adopting a template approach enabled Arla’s distribution centres in Leeds and Bristol to benefit from proven systems...

Rocket Consulting and SAP to demonstrate benefits of digital supply chain
Posted on 1st October 2016
by Paul Smitherman

Joint Supply Chain Execution event announced for 17 November

SAP supply chain and mobility specialist, Rocket...

Complex systems – what makes for a successful implementation?
Posted on 12th July 2016
by Kate Alexander

The implementation of a new solution is critical so that the benefits of a smarter way of working are reaped quickly...