Why it pays to go rugged. Investigating the total cost of ownership for hand-held devices
Posted on 31st July 2017
by Jim Lodwick

Look at every section of the supply chain, and the reliance on mobile devices is clear. From scanning and picking...

An optimised warehouse needs an optimised yard
Posted on 12th July 2017
by Claudiu Maxim

Plenty is written about state-of-the art warehouses. Rocket is no exception; we discuss the topic often having...

Limbering up for digital disruption. Rocket’s Mission Control Methodology adopts an Agile Approach
Posted on 29th June 2017
by Donna Unitt

For many years, large-scale projects have been delivered successfully using a waterfall approach. This linear view...

Those boxes won’t move themselves: material flow technology for today’s distribution centre
Posted on 8th June 2017
by Simon Kulczycki

It’s a familiar scene from countless comedies; boxes on a conveyor belt piling up and spilling over as they move...